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Three Steps to Make Chrome Rims Look Like New

Chrome is a very soft metal. Its delicate properties lend themselves well to polishing. Here are three steps that professionals take to make chrome look amazing.

Careful Cleaning

Your rims pick up a lot of dirt and grime from the road. Brake dust regularly coats the many surface edges and can even get inside of lug nuts. All of these areas deserve a careful cleaning with a wheel brush and microfiber towel. Some shops additionally use clay to move away from heavier contaminants.

Wheel Polishing

Rotary buffing with a professional polish can take away tarnish and oxidation. Professionals apply polish to a soft fabric ball and start spinning it against the wheels and spokes at a low speed. They gradually increase the speed, wipe the chrome clean with microfiber and move onto the next rim.

Wax Application

Once the rims are dry, a detailer uses a special applicator pad to apply wheel glaze to the surfaces. Your wheels are then buffed again, adding a bright luster and protecting the rims from brake dust. Owners can keep up with a recommended cleaning schedule to help the wheels last longer between polishes.
What a difference clean wheels make for the overall look of a vehicle. Call Platinum Surface Coating for more information about how to polish chrome rims.

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