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Why You Should Get Damaged RV Wheels Repaired Quickly


Damaged RV wheels should always be promptly fixed, regardless of the type of damage they sustain. If your RV's wheels are damaged in any way, here's why you ought to get them repaired.

Major Dents in Rims Interfere with Drivability

Rims with major dents must be immediately replaced or repaired for two reasons.

First, it's unsafe to drive any vehicle that has a significantly dented rim. The rim will negatively impact steering and control, which are especially important when operating something as large as an RV. Additionally, a dented rim won't properly support the tire on that rim, which could cause the tire to shred or blow out, either of which would further impede the driver's control.

Second, the rim's dent will cause the wheel to vibrate. If the vibrations become too severe, they may damage other components of the RV.

Weights May Have Fallen Off

Additionally, significant dents can make the weights used to balance wheels fall off. These weights are hammered on, and a significant impact in the right spot can cause them to pop off.

If a wheel's weight falls off, the wheel will no longer be balanced. It'll begin to vibrate, and the vibrations will increase at higher speeds. Again, such vibrations can cause additional damage that requires more significant repairs.

Tires Might Leak Air

Even if a wheel's dent seems minor, it should still be repaired because air might leak where the dent is. A wheel that's not perfectly round won't seamlessly match up with the tire on it. Where there's a small opening, air can escape.

This type of leak is slow and sometimes hard to detect. No matter how slow the leak is, though, it can cause problems. As air leaks out of the tire, the tire will deflate. Once the tire becomes too soft, steering will become less precise and fuel economy will decrease. On a long trip, the additional fuel costs can add up to more than the price of fixing a wheel.

Wheels Might Rust

Scratches can also pose mechanical issues, as they can lead to rust. Not all rims will rust, as some are made of stainless components. Steel wheels can rust easily if directly exposed to water. Aluminum will also rust, although aluminum corrosion is white and less evident.

Rust won't pose a problem immediately, but it can degrade the quality of a wheel if left unchecked. Having a wheel repainted or recoated is an easy, quick and inexpensive way to stop rust from getting worse.

Resale Value Will Decrease

Any damage to wheels, regardless of whether it's mechanical or cosmetic, will reduce the resale value of your RV. In some cases, the reduction may be small. If the damage causes your RV to be listed in a lower condition, though, the loss in value will be large. Furthermore, your RV will be harder to sell because potential buyers will be turned off by the damage.

Having your RV's rims repaired is an affordable way to maintain its resale value. You'll likely recoup your investment in rims when you go to sell your RV.

Your Personal Enjoyment Will Suffer

In addition to all of these reasons, personal pride also plays a role. When you're on the road, your RV is your home. Keeping its wheels in the best possible condition ensures you can take pride in your on-the-road residence. If it's damaged and doesn't look good, you won't like living in it as well.

If your RV's wheels are damaged, don't delay getting them fixed. Contact us at Platinum Surface Coating to learn more about getting RV wheels repaired.‚Äč

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