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The Best Motorcycle Wheel Plating Services in Anaheim, Ca

At Platinum Surface Coating, we offer complete plating and repairs of Car, truck, RV wheels and rims, as well as motorcycle wheels and rims. We do the straightening, welding and professional polishing by hand.

We also offer a variety of plating and coating finishes such as chrome, steel, custom plating jobs and metals. Platinum Surface Coating treats the following metals with quality finishes and processes:

  • Copper

  • Zincate for aluminum plating

  • Bright nickel

  • Semibright nickel

  • Nickel wood strike

  • Electro stripping

  • We complete the process with metal polishing and buffing for that lustrous shine.

custom Chrome motorcycle wheels

We can rechrome your motorcycle wheels, and we can do larger bulk orders of 30 or more. We can do motorcycle wheel sizes as large as 34 inches.

What sets Platinum Surface Coating apart from others is that we add additional steps in our plating and coating processes to ensure a quality and longer-lasting finish. Before choosing a plating or coating shop, do your research and understand the difference of the auto parts plating process that each shop utilizes. Based on the feedback of our customers, we have come to understand that it is our qualitative plating process, reliability and competitive prices that make us first choice over our competitors.

We specialize in the plating and polishing of aluminum, metal, and steel car, truck, RV wheels and motorcycle wheels. We remove all the dents and dings, apply our plating process and finish. We then hand polish your newly plated wheels from a dull to a highly reflective mirror like finish. That means you will leave with your wheels looking clean and like new with a finish that lasts.

If you have a bulk order or a small order, give Platinum Surface Coating a call at 714-603-7758 and we will be glad to give you a free estimate.

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Motorcycle Wheel Plating Services